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Primary Grades


Primary Grades 1-3
  • Writing, reading, spelling, poetry, drama 
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division 
  • Form Drawing 
  • Foreign language, watercolor painting, movement, physical education, handwork and crafts, music 
  • Folk and fairy tales, fables, legends, Hebrew stories 
  • House building, farming, and trades

    Third Grade Building Projects!  

    To complement their academic work, students undertake a building project, putting their new knowledge to the test.


    2010-2011: Beehive

    The beehive pictured here is a traditional design called a top-bar beehive, and was presented as a gift to farmers Frank Hunter and Kim Peavey of Hillside Springs Farm in Westmoreland in appreciation for all the time the third grade class spent at their farm. A second beehive was a gift to our Nursery-Kindergarten.