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High School Faculty





Karl Schurman, HS Section Co-Chair, Humanities Department Chair, B.S., Empire State College; Princeton University; NYU Undergraduate Film School; Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy (certificate of completion). From 2002 until coming to Monadnock, Karl taught in Waldorf high schools and as an upper grades class teacher, primarily at Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, NY. Over three decades of self-employed freelancing in the film business in New York City preceded Karl's Waldorf teaching career. He worked all over the US and in many parts of the world, including shooting the PBS documentary The World of Mother Teresa. He maintains a deep interest in cinema history, the French language, Native America, and mystical Sufi poetry. He spent his own high school years in Brussels, Belgium. Three of his four grown children are Waldorf High School graduates; he hopes his grandson, Ibrahima, will be one as well.


Civil Liberties, US Government & Modern World History, Odyssey, Latin America & Africa, Modern History, Medieval & Islamic History, Ancient Cultures, Revolutions, Greek History, Rise of the West


Chris Becker,  M.A. in Philosophy & Religion, California Institute of Integral Studies; B.A. in Cultural Anthropology, Plattsburgh State University; California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science, National University. After completing a year of Foundation Studies and a summer teaching intensive at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, Chris has been teaching AP psychology, world history and geography, and civics in California public schools since 2013. He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from upstate New York in 2007 to complete a Master’s degree, focusing on the work of Rudolf Steiner. Prior to this, he spent a semester abroad studying Buddhism in Bodh Gaya, India. Chris and his wife have recently relocated to the Monadnock region and are interested in starting a small farm in the near future.


Western Civilization, Cry the Beloved Country, Hamlet, Ancient Cultures, History Through Music, Drama, Faust, The Novel

John Deal, M.A. folklore, Folklore Institute at Indiana University; B.A. cultural anthropology, Columbia University. A native of Central Massachusetts, John has lived in Manhattan, the Midwest, Queens, and Japan, and is delighted to have finally made his way back to New England. He has taught English and world history at independent high schools in the United States and abroad since 1998; when he isn’t teaching, he enjoys writing fiction and poetry, singing and acting, vegetarian cooking, and cartooning. John’s interests include modern Japanese history and literature, oral epic and improvisational storytelling, the poetry of William Butler Yeats, and just about anything else having to do with traditional culture and artistry. He and his wife are both passionate animal rights advocates, and are happy to be bossed around by nine rescue cats.


Writing for High School, Art of the Essay, Short Story, Birth of American Literature, Dante, Story of Drama, Parzival, Drama, Art of Poetry, Odyssey


Hillary O'Brien, M.A. in English Literature, Seton Hall University; B.A. in English Literature, Keene State College; Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, Center for Anthroposophy (training). Before coming to MWHS, Hillary taught undergraduate English courses at Seton Hall University, where she also completed her graduate work and spent many days reading Middle English. She holds many varied interests in the humanities, such as medieval language and literature, history of language, literary criticism, and modern and contemporary fiction and poetry. Beyond academic interests, Hillary is also deeply committed to agriculture and animal welfare; you may find her at the local shelter or horse barn on the weekends.



Katie Schwerin, Block Teacher, M.Ed., Antioch University with Certification in Waldorf Education, 1994. Following 13 years of class teaching at MWS, Katie returned to school in 2009 to complete the Waldorf HS Certification, Center for Anthroposophy. After graduating her last elementary school class in 2007, Katie resumed work at her family company, the WS Badger Co, bringing innovation and a strong impulse for social responsibility. Katie has taken up leadership in numerous departments at Badger from marketing to product development and is currently COO, responsible for all aspects of this fast growing and successful company. She has gained hands on knowledge of how to start and how to develop a healthy, sustainable, and responsible business.



High School Leadership Group, Algebra I, Calculus, Statistics, Climatology, Optics, Atomic Theory, Electricity & Magnetism, Thermodynamics, Inorganic Chemistry, Plant Chemistry


Mr. Falconbridge, HS Section Co-Chair, Math Department Chair, Science Department Chair, Ph.D. in Psychology/Physics; M.S., B.S. with First Class Honors in Biophysics, University of Western Australia; Certification, Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy. He has worked as a Research Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer in the Physics Department at UWA and completed more than three years of post-doctoral work at UCLA and UC/San Diego. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled Learning to See: Principles of Plasticity in the Early Visual System and he has published various papers since around the theme of the brain’s remarkable ability to learn from its environment. He has served on the board of a developing Waldorf school in California and done volunteer work as an English and Maths tutor for underprivileged children in Malaysia. He and his wife have three young children.


Geometry, Trigonometry, Surveying, Algebra II, Climatology, Euclidean Geometry, Permutations & Combinations, Projective Geometry, Personal Finance & Excel


Daniel HoughtonB.S.c. (Honors I), Applied Mathematics and Geophysics, University of Otage, Dunedin, NZ; MLit in Gaelic Poetry and Language, University of Edinburgh. Dan taught mathematics at the Community College of Vermont, 2011–2015, and has been a touring musician for well over a decade. Between degrees, he worked as a seismic research technician aboard Columbia University’s Research Vessel (RV Maurice Ewing); he also taught English to aerospace engineers in Toulouse, France. Dan currently lives in New Hampshire with his, wife, son, daughter, goats, ducks, cats, and dogs.


Zoology & Evolution, Cell Biology, Embryology, Biochemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Botany, Pre-Algebra, Practical Math, Health 


Kim McCormick, B.S. in Environmental Studies at Cornell University; M.S.T. in Environmental Studies at Antioch New England Graduate School; Certification in General Science Teaching; Endorsement in Gifted Education; completed Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program, Wilton, NH. Kim grew up camping with her family, collecting bugs, and rescuing box turtles trying to cross the road. The daughter of two microbiologists, she has had a lifelong love of science and the natural world. As a girl, Kim dreamed of being a park ranger and wearing a really cool hat. She has held a variety of jobs over the years, including fabric store clerk, waitress, assembly line worker, temporary secretary, caterer, seamstress, environmental educator, community outreach worker, and regional director for Destination ImagiNation. Her childhood dream came true when she got to spend two summers as a state park naturalist in Massachusetts and live on the summit of Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires. (Alas, the uniform did not include a hat.) Although Kim became a public school teacher, her children attended the Charlottesville Waldorf School, where she was an active parent volunteer and came to understand the gift of a Waldorf education. When it was time for her oldest daughter to begin high school, the family relocated to New Hampshire to continue their Waldorf journey. When not teaching science classes, Kim enjoys taking long walks, entertaining family and friends, and traveling—preferably to her native Pacific Northwest.



French I

  Jacqueline Bellamy, B.S., Vermont College, World Language Teachers of Waldorf school. Madame Bellamy has taught for twenty-two years in Waldorf Schools, beginning as a kindergarten assistant. She has taught her native language at Monadnock Waldorf School for twenty years, and her love of literature has inspired her to teach at the high school level. Outside of the classroom, Mme Bellamy enjoys reading literature, making dolls, and gardening.


Dorothy Iselin, M.A. in Education, Adelphi University; Waldorf Certificate, Waldorf Institute at Garden City, NY; B.A. in German Language and Literature, Beloit College; Oxford Seminars TESOL Certificate, San Francisco State University. Dorothy grew up in New Hampshire, where she attended the Meeting School, a Quaker high school in Rindge. As an adult, Dorothy trained horses, taught folk dance, and discovered the collective wisdom of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner while studying in Germany. Following her Waldorf Teacher Training, Dorothy helped cofound the Waldorf School of Lexington, where she taught kindergarten, handwork, and became a class teacher. Dorothy also helped found Monadnock Waldorf School and has been instrumental in bringing Waldorf education to charter schools in the Bay Area of California. She retired last year from Lagunitas Valley School District, where she directed a Waldorf program, and now lives in Nelson, where she enjoys swimming, studying Chinese, gardening, and playing music.


Spanish I & II

Liz Jackson, M.Ed,, Lesley University. Liz is the Director and Founder of Gogi Abroad and is a seasoned trip leader and avid traveler. In 2016, Liz traveled the world for eight months with her two sons and husband. She and her family traveled to thirteen countries, with the intention of connecting with new cultures and people all over the world, and paying special attention to water and natural resources. They experienced firsthand how climate change is impacting cultures and tribes worldwide, and the travel experience was transformative and expansive on many levels. Liz’s passion for teaching Spanish, traveling, and experiential learning is rooted in her own transformative experiences studying abroad as a teenager. She brings together the compassion of a mother and the clarity and knowledge of an educator, with over fifteen years’ experience teaching in Waldorf schools and other educational settings. Liz resides in Vermont with her husband and two young sons.


French III/IV

  Monique Shurman grew up in France. She studied Pre-Med at the University of Rhode lsland and completed her Physical Therapy training at the University of Connecticut. She worked as a physical therapist while her children were growing up. Her three daughters attended Monadnock Waldorf school from kindergarten through eighth grade. Alas, there was no Waldorf high school yet in those days! "I love the French language and culture and I am so glad to be able to share these with my students!"




Black & White Drawing, Oil Painting from Nature, Bookbinding & Graphic Design, Clay Heads, Figure Drawing & Sculpting the Human Form, Ceramic Reliefs, History Through Art

  Gretchen Murray, B.A., Oberlin College, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of Delaware; Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy. Gretchen began her teaching career at the Kimberton Waldorf School where she taught practical and fine arts from 2013 to 2016. Her first love has always been drawing and painting. From a young age, one could always find her scribbling in a sketch book of some sort, and later painting in a variety of mediums. Another love of hers is the practical arts, and she has always found a great deal of satisfaction in making her own useful and beautiful things—whether it be through sewing, felting, house repairs, or anything else. In her spare time, and when she is not making art, Gretchen loves to be outside backpacking, hiking, canoeing, and spending time with her family. Their favorite place is the “camp” in Maine that her family owns, where they can be outside together and enjoy the lake and the call of the loons! She and her husband Andrew have four children who are either enrolled in or graduated from Waldorf School. They are fully looking forward to beginning a new life in New Hampshire.


Stone Carving, Joinery, Woodwork, Knifemaking & Blacksmithing, Copper

Daniel O’Connors, College of Teachers Co-Chair, HS Section Co-Chair, HS Pedagogical Committee Chair, Daniel attained a degree as a ChemiStry technician, Ciba-Geigy (today Novartis) in Switzerland, and immediately following the Practical Arts teacher degree at the Goetheanum Switzerland. He has 30 years of teaching experience in public and Waldorf elementary and high schools in Switzerland, Germany, and USA, including the founding of a Waldorf apprentice-praktika-oriented high school in Basel, Switzerland. He has also worked as an independent carpenter, a facilities manager, and a farmer.  Daniel is married to a Waldorf teacher and they have a son who is a senior and a Waldorf-lifer. When he is not at school, or preparing firewood for the winter, or working on some independent building project, Daniel enjoys water sports, archery, and a good book. As co-chair of the college, Daniel is a new addition to the board. The commitment to the practical arts and Waldorf education has been a enduring theme in his biography, and he wishes to continue this passion at Monadnock.



Marcy Schepker is a tapestry weaver, soft toy maker, and community person with 36 years of experience as a weaver and teacher. She feels that the knowledge that each one of us is an artist, a crafts person, and an apprentice in our own capacity and that each of us has special gifts and needs is central to our lives and work. Central also to the success of her work is the core belief in the continual balance of each person’s creativity with the energy they draw from working together. She believes this process to be vital to being a crafts person, and also important as a social model. Her art builds bridges between people. Marcy’s Pear Tree Studio in nearby Harrisville has been written up in The Boston Globe and in Fiberarts magazine.



A Capella Ensemble and HS Chorus

Matthew Leese is known as a versatile conductor, baritone, clinician and stage director. His performing experience in the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe and in his native country New Zealand includes dozens of solo and ensemble performances and recordings. Dr. Leese received degrees in Voice from the University of Otago in New Zealand, the Longy School of Music, Indiana University and holds the Doctorate in Choral Conducting and Literature from the University of Illinois. In addition to directing the choirs at Monadnock Waldorf High school, Matthew is a core member of the medieval quartet LIBER and Kansas City professional choir Spire , Artistic Director of the Monadnock Chorus, Music Director of the Chamber Singers of Keene, Conductor-in-Residence of Voices of the Bay in St. Andrews, NB, Artist in Residence with the Boston City Singers, a volunteer for the Keene Music Festival and serves as a Lecturer in Music at Keene State College. Matthew and his husband Dan love living in Keene with their two mischievous cats Jack and Gus.


Jazz and Modern Music Ensemble

Bruce Elliot studied Jazz saxophone at the Hartt School of Music with Jazz Master Jackie McLean. He has been playing in and leading various musical groups around Keene since 1998. Bruce graduated from the Waldorf teacher training at Antioch New England Graduate School where he was classmates with MWS class teachers Tim Price and Michelle Turner. For five years Bruce was a class teacher at MWS. Currently he plays in two bands, The Nines, and The Terry Landis Band. He also works as a massage therapist at the Cheshire Wellness Center and is the database manager for More Than Wheels, a NH based nonprofit.


String Ensemble

Nell Wiener, B.A. Music, Wellesley College. Nell leads the Classical Music Ensemble at the high school, in addition to the choral and strings programs at the elementary school. Growing up in the music town of Ann Arbor, MI (where she attended a Waldorf school herself), she was, from early on, exposed to such artists and groups as Yo Yo Ma, Anonymous 4, Bela Fleck, Meredith Monk, and the Martha Graham Dance Company. She also had the opportunity to play in one of the most highly regarded high school orchestras in the country, which was where she truly fell in love with classical music. In college she went on to study music theory with Martin Brody and conducting with Lisa Graham. She has been teaching at MWS for 8 years and maintains a private studio offering instruction on the violin, the viola, and music theory.


American and Pop Music Ensemble

Jason Koerber attended Pine Hill Waldorf School from K - 8. It was here that his love of music began. He started teaching when in high school and continued while studying at music at Keene State College. Jason is the founder & director of Elm City Music and teaches Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute and Improvisation. Jason performs regularly as a freelance artist and with the Ben Carr Music Project, the Half Diminished Swing Band, Nouveau Swing, and the Jacksonville Blues Band. He is also a former member of The Keene Chamber Orchestra, The Keene Jazz Orchestra, the Tom Foolery Band, the Josh Evans Trio, and the funk band Giza. Jason has appeared as a soloist with the KSC Chamber Orchestra and with the Pink Floyd tribute band Liquid Floyd. He has also performed with the Raylynmor Opera Company, The Hugh Keelan Ensemble, and The Monadnock Chorus and Orchestra. Jason has taught saxophone and clarinet at Vermont Academy - Saxtons River VT, The Putney School - Putney VT, The Greenwood School - Putney VT, The Open Music Collective - Brattleboro VT, and currently teaches at Elm City Music - Keene NH, and Peterborough Music - Peterborough NH. Jason has studied saxophone with Scott Mullett, Harvey Kaiser, Mario Bernardo & Craig Sylvern. He has studied clarinet with Richard Sanders, and Mario Bernardo and flute with Robin Matathias.




Social Dance

Richard Clough, B.A. History/Theater Keene State College. Richard has been involved with the Performing Arts since his formative years. Starting as a musician, then moving to acting, and finally to dance, he has been teaching Social/Ballroom Dance in the Keene area since 1986. He is comfortable with the Smooth dances such as Foxtrot and Waltz, the Latin dances such as Cha Cha and Rumba, and Club dances such as Swing and Salsa. Rich strives to give students the tools to enjoy and express themselves to music individually and in partnership.

Circus Arts, Bothmer Gymnastics, Movement


Marie-Douce Dorion, Associates in Specialized Education/Modern Dance, Cegep du Vieux Montreal; Biodynamic Herbalism, Herbart, Ham-Nord, Quebec; in training for Spacial Dynamics certification. In her early twenties, Marie-Douce left Montreal to travel with a Gypsy street circus through South and Central America. She established herself in the jungle of the Mexican Caribbean, where she created a circus arts school and also realized some dreams: to create a permaculture farm and to live with wild monkeys, to scuba dive and to make a living through circus arts performances. Marie-Douce is a Thai massage therapist, silk-yoga/Acro-yoga teacher, and has been teaching circus and movement in Waldorf schools for more than five years. She enjoys Eurythmy, aerials, tight wire; she loves to surf, sing, dirt bike, and be active in any ways with her son. Marie-Douce is a is always looking for challenging new adventures!



Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, PE

In addition to Ms. Weiner’s many talents as music teacher and musician, she is an avid Ultimate Frisbee athlete and enthusiast of active movement and sport activity.